26 Aug 2014

Dental Health during Pregnancy

Dental health is not something that can be taken lightly and regular dental care is necessary for everyone. However, dental health becomes even more sensitive during pregnancy. Women need to take care of their teeth and gums just as much as they need to take care of themselves while pregnant. The occurrence of hormonal changes becomes higher when a woman is expecting a baby. The chances of gum disease become higher due to these very changes and if that happens, it can affect the baby to be, too.

Keeping your dental health in check requires one to personally care for their teeth and gums, and get professional help every now and then, too. During pregnancy, regular checkups with your dentist and doctor are necessary. When you first find out about your pregnancy, make sure you tell your dentist early on. Dentists know what would be the best precautionary measures that are required in such a condition. Avoid dental treatments in the first trimester of pregnancy because the developing baby is most prone to damages in that stage. Therefore, unless there is emergency, pregnant women should refrain from dental treatments. After that period is over, though, women can continue with their routine procedures and treatments as required. However, developing babies and radiations are not a good combination so X-Rays should be avoided as they can be damaging for the baby. Your doctor and dentist would not go for X-Rays either unless it is a pressing matter. However, it is best to evade them all the same.

Dental health is not a light matter, so do not avoid your checkups and routine visits to your dentist. Even if you think you are taking care of your teeth and gums just fine, you still need professional advice and help. Your own dental care is just as important so neither should be ignored. You take care of your dental health on a daily basis and let the dentist take care of it on a bi-weekly basis. Any medications that you are taking during pregnancy, even if they are just vitamin pills, make sure you inform your dentist about them.

Morning sickness is common to pregnant women; however, not brushing your teeth in the morning just because of the sickness is a bad move. Change your toothpaste, if you must, but do not avoid brushing your teeth. The first step to taking care of your dental health is brushing your teeth regularly- try to brush them at least twice a day.

Sugary and junk foods are commonly known to be bad for teeth and that is true. However, pregnant women should avoid such foods even more because they are not only bad for teeth but bad for the baby, too. Eating regular and healthy food will automatically improve your dental health, so focus on that a lot.

Keeping your dental health in check during pregnancy can be a tad bit irritating but it is necessary nonetheless- not just for you, but for the expected baby, too. If taken into a scheduled routine, the regular care can just become habitual and the visits to the dentist a frequent duty, which will make the whole “keeping your dental health in check” bearable.

Knowing how important oral health and hygiene really is during pregnancy, do not hesitate and contact your local west London dentist to schedule an appointment!