5 Jun 2014

Celebrity smile evolution

The evolution of the celebrity smile: before and after work
One of the things that becomes quickly evident when you look at Hollywood celebrities on TV and in magazines is their gleaming wall of pearly whites.  Everyone in Hollywood seems to have a perfect set of chompers, ready to gleam for their adoring fans and for the flashing lights of the paparazzi.  What few people know is that none of them came into Hollywood this way, and that’s a secret they’d really like to have kept from the public eye.

Tom Cruise
Early in his career, even the immaculate and handsome Tom Cruise has an imperfect smile.  It was, as you might imagine, years before he became the huge start that he is today.  For much of his early career this was actually the case, it wasn’t until after his time with Nicole Kidman that he finally got the perfect shining smile he has now.

Courtney Love
While Courtney Love has never quite had the horrible set of choppers of our dear friend Tom, she certainly had an unfortunate bit of dental structure that was somewhat less than attractive.  While there’s no clear date as to when she finally upgraded her smile, Courtney Love has a perfect and beautiful set of pearly whites to flash at the camera.

50 Cent
When it comes to musicians, especially those known for their rougher appearance such as metal heads and rappers, we don’t necessarily pay attention their teeth.  However, early in his career, Rapper 50 Cent had a gap in his teeth you could probably have passed that coin through.  Perhaps trying to polish up his appearance and a bit of shopping therapy resulted in the £30,000 work he had done to perfect his teeth.  

Michael Douglas
This is a man who seems to have a bit of an oral fixation, he’s most famous for his movies, second only by his tendency to discuss the acquisition of oral cancer by performing cunnilingus, which is by all appearances is one of his favourite words.  There’s nothing that will make you age gracefully like a mouthful of pearly whites, and he has definitely invested in that.  He may have been in Hollywood for decades, but he’s sheared off at least one off his appearance with his perfect smile.

Celine Dion
Celine Dion is one of the most renowned musicians to come out of Canada, and her music has set the tone for a number of blockbuster romances.  While the end was ruined by anyone who knew even a little about the history of disasters, her “My Heart Will Go On” touched the hearts of screaming fangirls everywhere.  Celine used to be the proud owner of a pair of canines that would make the fiercest of wolves envious, but an outstanding musical career requires an outstanding smile, and some obvious work was done to tone down that predatory maw.

So if you’ve ever wanted to get into Hollywood, and thought your path might be blocked by a set of teeth that would make a shark proud, a visit to a skilled dentist will go a long way into giving you a flawless grin.  After all, if it’s a good enough solution for Hollywood, it’s a good enough solution for you!