3 May 2014

Why is Wisdom here?

Dentistry has always been my passion. I remember when I was little that some of my friends wanted to be singers, other wanted to be princesses...I wanted to be a dentist. My dreams came true and I now own a dental clinic in West London and work with people who are equally passionate about dentistry as I am.

I created this blog to share our passion with you. Give you tips and advice, whether you are looking for a white smile, healthy gums or strong teeth. Here at Wisdom Dental we know that oral care can sometimes seem like a mystery and it can take an expert to explain the correct techniques as well as do's and don'ts. 

From time to time we will write about dental myths, misconceptions, ideas, thoughts or anything more or less related to dentistry. We're also here to answer any questions that you might have, so feel free and comment.

We're here to help you, simply because we love dentistry. 

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