9 May 2014

How to get a white smile

Everywhere you look today, people are trying to get their smiles to shine a bright unblemished white. From posters in your dentist’s office to the beautiful people of Hollywood, everyone seems to be sporting the perfect set of pearly whites. But how to achieve such a look? If you’re like a lot of people, you’ve tried daily brushing, are questioning whitening gels, and floss each day to get the best cleanest look you can. Sometimes though, this just isn’t enough, and a few other tricks may be necessary to get you to your shiniest white.

Oil Pulling
One sensation that’s been getting a lot of press in the ‘teeth whitening’ arena is oil pulling. Oil pulling is the process by which you place a tablespoon of oil or so in your mouth and let it sit until it’s doubled in volume. A Hindi medical tradition draws on this age old practice to draw toxins out of your system, it is believed that coconut oil produces the best results, and whitens your teeth as a result. The surface it produces on your teeth prevents plaque from growing there, and helps to dislodge existing plaque.

Own made tooth paste
Another common household solution for whitening teeth is getting increasingly popular in toothpastes of all kinds. But rather than paying an exorbitant price for a tube of name brand toothpaste, you can just mix together a bit of baking soda and hydrogen peroxide into a paste. Brushing with these will help break through the built up plaque on your teeth, as well as killing any unhealthy bacteria that may be hanging about. Take caution with this approach, baking soda is very abrasive, and if you don’t put in enough peroxide, you could very well clean the enamel right off your teeth. That stuff doesn’t grow back!

Clean your tongue
One place that people often forget to brush is also one of the most prominent features of your mouth. The tongue is covered with all sorts of nooks and crannies, and therefore is an excellent place for bacteria and food bits to hide. Brushing it can work quite well, but there are also tools known as ‘tongue scrapers’ which do precisely what’s on the tin. By making sure you scrape your tongue daily, you can help stop halitosis causing bacteria.

Using Vinegar
For the bold and brave, or just those who like the taste of vinegar, there is the much lauded Apple Cider Vinegar. This natural substance has a far more mild and pleasant taste than traditional white vinegar, and has excellent properties that make it great for oral care. The acidic nature of ACV makes it excellent at breaking through the layers of plaque and discoloration on your teeth, but you need to be certain you also brush after using it. The acidic nature is also fairly impartial about whether it’s your enamel, or the plaque it’s removing.

Visit a dentist

Finally, nothing can replace a visit to your local dentist. If you live in West London,Wisdom Dental Acton offers a wide range of cosmetic dental treatments. We have the skills and equipment to do a proper deep cleaning of your teeth, and see to their overall health. Don’t underestimate the value of getting a good solid start on white teeth by having your dentist clean them, and then using the above options to maintain your beautiful smile!  

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